Industrial General Store

Jan 30, 2019

One of the most respected brands in the industrial technology sector now has an online super store dedicated to customers who seek the best products for their businesses and professional trades.

The Industrial General Store specializes in 3M products for metalworking, electrical trades, warehouse safety, automotive body repair, fiberglass operations, janitorial services, painting, marine maintenance and manufacturing, upholstery, and more.


All Things 3M in One Website

3M products are widely available through various online outlets, but they are generally presented in a different section among items manufactured by competitors. The Industrial General Store aims to improve upon this dynamic by providing a single website with about 40,000 3M products for the convenience of customers who work across various industries.

The website is organized categorically by industry and area of application; the most popular items can be found on the home page for the purpose of allowing customers to complete their online purchases in just a few clicks. Within each category, customers can click on the search button to narrow their choices, for example: clicking on the tapes and adhesives category offers electrical options such as Scotch Electrical Moisture Sealant tape, Electrician’s 2000 Duct Tape, Fiber Optic Tape 2671, Templex and all others manufactured by 3M. Similar searches can be conducted for other applications such as plumbing, painting and auto body repair.

The Industrial General Store is PCI compliant so that shoppers can safely complete their purchases. The store also offers sign-up bonuses for new customers as well as incentives and discounts to encourage continuous shopping. Product alerts, bulletins, discounts, and the latest 3M news are regularly communicated to customers.

The 3M Commitment to Applied Science

As a global brand, 3M has recently positioned its image as a leader in the field of scientific applications developed to improve not just the industrial trades but life in general. The current marketing focus of this company is encapsulated by the slogan “3M Science. Applied to Life,” a message that underscores the importance of collaborative science as an effort to make life better through innovative products.

One of 3M’s goals with its new marketing and image campaign is to encourage customers to find new applications for their products. For example, plumbers who work with PVC may find that placing tape around their connections may strengthen them. Another example would be a warehouse manager who wishes to augment workers’ safety with helmets in addition to goggles and gloves.

By focusing exclusively on 3M products, the Industrial General Store aims to constantly provide only the best for its clients.