3M’s Metalworking Product-Linked Brochure

Abrasives – Sanding Belts, Wheels, Brushes for Automotive, Metal and Woodworking 

  • belts and discs for heavy duty metal deburring, edge breaking and radiusing

  • metal blending wheels, discs and sheets for weld removal, tool marks and line removal

  • multi-finishing wheels and flex rolls tough enough to finish edges and welds

  • flap brushes, bristle brushes and radial bristle discs for bench motors

  • deburring wheels, unitized wheels, edge radiusing and cup wheels

  • floor sanding belts and discs, wood surface conditioning belts

  • wood sandpaper sheets, dust free discs, sanding sponges and discs used on rotating power tools

  • brand names – Roloc, Scotch-Brite, Sandblaster, Roto Peen, Imperial / Hookit

Fire Barrier 

  • fire barrier brackets, anchors, metal collars

  • fire barrier silicone, RTV foam and sealant

  • fire block, fire caulk, shaft protective wraps and putty

  • grease duct, silicone, watertight and plastic pipe fire barriers

  • marine fire wrap

Electrical Products 

  • electrical tapes – vinyl colored, rubber splicing, heat shrink film, thread sealant, glass cloth, shielding and barricade

  • heat shrink tubing sleeves that protect wires, connections, engine wires from abrasion, flame and high temperature

  • flame-retardant and fuel resistant heat shrink tubing

  • cold shrink and bus bar tubing

  • cable ties, cable pulling lubricants, direct bury kits, couplers, blocking, connections

  • crimping tools and splicing rigs

  • lettering kits, decals and wire marking numbers

  • insulating sprays and infrared thermometers

Bandages, Braces and Wound Care  

  • Nexcare bandages, elastic, waterproof, non-stick and Steri-Strips

  • wound pads, cloths, surgical tapes, skin crack care and binders

  • hot and cold pack compresses

  • digital thermometers

  • braces – ankle, back, elbow, thumb and arm slings

  • sports tapes and athletic wraps

  • diabetic socks and pantyhose

  • first-aid kits and hygiene kits for home and workshop

  • brand names – ACE, Nexcare and Steri-Strips

Office and Home Printing Labels, Stationery and Mailing Products 

  • Post-It – notes, pads, flags, tabs, labels, flag pens, highlighters and dispensers

  • Scotch – tape, mailers, envelopes, mounting squares, glue sticks, fasteners, spray adhesive, transparent tape

  • Tapes – mounting, packaging, shipping, double-sided, invisible, masking, dispensers

  • printer inkjet and laser address labels, shipping labels, shipping

  • desktop and computer cord organizers, wall mounting tabs, gel wrist pads and mouse pads

  • overhead projectors, monitor stands,

  • cleaning products

  • no scratch self-stick floor protection pads for chair legs and table legs

Static Control Products – Commercial 

  • static control test kits

  • work station and wrist strap grounding

  • recloseable static zip top bags, moisture barrier bags and air ionizers

  • static control table mats and floor mats

  • static conductive films, liners and tubing

  • static sensors and shielding products


Abrasives – Light Sanding, Polishing, Finishing, Pads, Discs and Tool Accessories 

  • disc pads, buffing pads and sanding pads for removal of micro-burrs and cosmetic finishes

  • sanding sponges, sandpaper and steel wool for surface roughness reduction

  • Scotch-Brite pads for finishing, edging and flat surfaces

  • drywall sanding screens and sandpaper

  • brand names – Scotch-Brite, Finesse-It, Hookit, Doodlebug, Imperial, Roloc, Stik, Sandblaster, Hook and Loop

Fiber Optic / Electronic Cleaning and Polishing  

  • superfinishing, microfinishing, leveling and polishing connectors, hard glass fibers, ceramic ferrules and radius ferrules

  • micron graded premium diamond minerals resist water, oil and most solvents

  • fiber optic diamond lapping films for polishing UPC/APC connectors

  • fiber optic epoxy, cable and organizers

  • fiber optic tape, splice closures and sleeves

  • Wetordry Polishing Paper

Floor Safety – Slip Resistant Floor Mats, Tread Strips and Industrial Floor Cleaners 

  • Safety-Walk anti-slip tread matting strips and anti-slip floor mats

  • Nomad floor safety traffic mats, matting adhesives and edging

  • carpet tapes – keep carpets in place

  • carpet stain removers, stain cleaners, glass cleaners, toilet cleaners, degreasers and disinfectants

  • no scratch self-stick floor protection pads for chair legs and table legs

  • floor polishes and cleaners

  • sweepers, dusters, floor mops, pads, scrubbers and brushes

  • brand names – Safety-Walk, Scotchgard, Nomad, Doodlebug, Scotchbrite, Sharp Shooter, Trouble Shooter

Bumper Cushions, Spacers and Bumpons 

  • Bumpons are polyurethane anti-bang bumpers for cabinets and drawers spacers/cushions

  • self stick table leg and chair leg floor protection

  • self stick felt pads and rubber pad  protection

Adhesives, Epoxy, Applicators, Lubricants and Adhesive Cleaners 

  • aersol spray can adhesives, spray oil and spray silicone lubricants

  • adhesives – for plastic, metal, glass, ceramic, wood, concrete, leather, vinyl and cardboard

  • super glues, contact adhesives, foam and urethane adhesives

  • adhesive – primers, sealers, citrus cleaners, paint and rust strippers

  • epoxy systems – Hot Melt, Scotch-Weld, Scotch-Grip and Jet-Melt

  • epoxy applicator guns, nozzles, mixing tips and dispensers

  • epoxy coatings that bond to rebar and pipes for protection

Home Cleaning, Fabric Protectors and Pet Products 

  • microfiber glass cleaning cloths, lint rollers

  • sponges, scrubbers and wipes

  • tub, sink and tile cleaners, copper and silver cleaners, fabric protectors

  • picture hanging hooks, clips, poster tape  strips, mounting tapes and frame stabilizer

  • pet hair rollers and pet oxy clean

  • outdoor and indoor window film

  • brand names – Dobie, O-Cel-O, Scotch-Brite, Scotchgard, Perfect-It, Never Rust, Never Scratch


3M’s Signature Product-Linked Brochure

Abrasives – Sanding Brand Names, Coarse to Fine Cloth Belts and Fiber Discs 

  • Cubitron – sanding stainless steel with ceramic abrasives

  • Green Corps – grinding rust, welds and door skins

  • Hookit – paint, plastic and putty scratch sanding

  • Imperial / Stikit – stripping, shaping and sanding of lacquers and paints

  • Regalite – resin bonded cloth belts, rolls and discs for wood and metal

  • Sandblaster – sandpaper for drywall, wood and metal

  • Trimite – wet or dry sanding

  • Trizact – glass, acrylic and Corian finishing

  • 3Mite – resin bonded finishing cloths

Bench Grinding Wheel Systems 

  • bench motor grinding wheels

  • diamond resin wheels for grinding carbide products such as knives and saw tips

  • profile grinding hardened steel and superalloys with CBN wheels

Safety Helmets, Harnesses, Glasses – Earplugs, Earmuffs –  Aerial Kits, Two-Way Radio Systems 

  • fall protection kits, harnesses,lifting systems, cable lifelines, anchors and shock absorbers

  • chemical detectors, monitors, kits and splash goggles

  • earplugs, earmuffs and hearing protection

  • safety eye glasses, goggles, shrouds and face shields

  • radio communication systems – motorola earpieces, headsets, microphones, noise filters, blue tooth and adapters

  • respirator helmets, air supply systems, heat and cool air, air chemical filters, hose fittings, hoods and shrouds

  • welding helmets, respirators, air chemical filters and shrouds

Automotive Body Repair 

  • fiberglass repair, resins, primers, hardeners and fillers

  • striping tapes and conspicuity marking

  • light reflective tapes

  • corrosive sealers from salts, fuel, fluids and road weather, sprays, cleaners, buffing and polishing

  • brand names – Bondo, Mar-Hyde, Marson, Platinum and Dynatron Perfect-It, Scotchcal, Scotchlite and Scotchgard

Automotive, Marine and Sign Spray Equipment  

  • paint spray gun equipment, gauges, needles, tips and general maintenance

  • paint mixed ratio inserts, cups, lids, filters, mixing systems

  • mobile spray packages handling a wide variety of coatings

Air Filters, Respirator Helmets, Masks and Chemical Absorbant Booms and Filters 

  • absorbent booms, pads for oils and chemicals and water purification

  • Filtrete room air filters for home and commercial – dust, pollen, smoke smog particles – carbon, micro and allergen filters

  • home, garden, workshop dust masks and bleach odor respirators

  • half and full face respirator masks, dust masks and particle filters

  • particle respirators, particle filters and metal working filters

  • respirator helmets, air supply systems, heat and cool air, air chemical filters, hose fittings, hoods and shrouds

  • welding helmets, respirators, air chemical filters and shrouds

Marine Products 

  • fillers, rubbing compounds and waxes

  • vinyl cleaners and fiberglass restorers

  • silicone lubricants and sealants

  • boat soap, streak removers and buffing pads

  • acoustic insulation

Tapes – 

  • Auto and Sign Film Tapes – Vehicle pin stripe patterns and colors; sign and auto vinyl for computer graphic cutters; auto paint for rock and bug protection; auto paint masking tape for refinishing; mounting tapes for auto side moldings, trim emblems, and dashboard mounts; auto paint sanding and finishing systems; photoluminescent film.

  • Bonding Tapes – Use to adhere (bond) two surfaces together temporarily or permanently – VHB “very high bond” tapes for metals, glass, plastics, acid free adhesives for photos; Adhesive transfer tapes for most surfaces and VHB adhesive transfer tapes; Primers; Flame retardant tapes; Urethane and bvinyl foam tapes.

  • Electrical Tapes – Fiber optic tapes; wire connectors; cable jacket repairs; Electrician’s abrasives and duct tapes; self fusing tapes; Rubber splicing, heat shrink film, thread sealant, glass cloth, and sheilding; scotchlok for signs and fixtures; temflex tape for corrosion protection.

  • Electronic Tapes – Aluminum foil tapes for high moisture enviornments; Layered viscoelastic damping tapes; Low outgassing and Static film tapes; Optically clear adhesives for electronic touch screen displays; Electrically conductive tape; Clean room construction and maintenance tapes; Polyester and Polyimide film tapes; Water soluable tape and water contact indicator tape.

  • Masking and Duct Tapes – Duct tapes; Tapes for painting, stucco, fine line masking, flatback masking, and paint overspray protection; Striping tape; Gaffers tape; Nameplate repair tape; Sealer and transition tapes; Trim masking tapes; Weather resistant masking tapes.

  • Medical Tapes – ACE athletic sports bandages and tapes; Hypoallergenic tapes; Underwraps; Wound care, surgical, and veterinarian tapes.

  • Office and Home Tapes – Artist tapes and book tapes for edges; Carpet, drafting, and mounting tapes; Adhesives and rollers; Indoor/outdoor carpet and window film tapes; Packaging tape; Removable or transparent tape; Fingerprint tape; Vellum tape.

  • Packaging, Sealing, Labeling Tapes and Dispensers – strapping, box sealing, carton filament tapes, label protection, packing document pouches, marking ID tags, self stick pads, hang products up sales tabs systems

  • Photographic, Lithographic and Printed Flexographic Tapes – Tapes for the graphic arts industry;  tapes for mounting flexographic print plates to cylindersand sleeves; printing on corrogated board; Printing solid work and line work; photo file splicing tapes; screen printing adhesives and liners.

  • Production / Processing tapes – for electroplating, photo film splicing, vinyl heat protection, abrasion protection, color coding, prevent vibration, masking protection in thermal spray and sandblasting operations, tapes that adhere to other products for in process manufacturing

  • Reclosable Fasteners – Scotchmate and Dual-Lock – removable fastening systems replace screws, bolts and rivets, quickly adjusted, realign or reattach signage to most surfaces, snap electronic components together, trade show graphics – industrial fasteners have 5 times the holding strength than hook and loop

  • Reflective Tapes and Markers – Reflective films and tapes for traffic signs and improved vehicle visibility; Reflective markers; Reflective prismatic and Luminous film; High intensity grade prismatic and flexible tapes; Safety and Emergency exit signage; Scotchlite photoeletric and reflective road markers; Scotchlite safety; Work zone signs.

  • Tape Dispensers and Case Sealer Replacement Parts – over 4,000 items listed in 150 groups