3M™ Wheel Weight Starter Kit PN99100, 1 per case

3M™ Wheel Weight System Starter Kit PN99100 contain a 3M™ Wheel Weight Universal Cutting Tool PN61479, 3M™ Wheel Weight Cutter Stand PN61480, one 5-lb. box of 3M Wheel Weight PN61400, one bottle of 3M™ Wheel Weight Surface Prep 2000 and a 3M™ Removal Tool PN99099. (TN501). System helps meet demands of inventory simplification, improved efficiency and reliable performance in a lead-free product.

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    3M™ Wheel Weight Starter Kit PN99100, 1 per case
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      - Starter kit provides tools and supplies for using the 3M™ Wheel Weight System in your shop
      - Highly flexible, conformable composite material cuts to size for precision balanced wheels
      - One product replaces dozens of clip-on weights to simplify inventory needs
      - Uses industry-proven 3M Automotive Attachment Tape technology for dependable attachment
      - Reduces potential for corrosion and staining of wheels to help keep wheels looking better longer
      - Lead-free composite material is more environmentally friendly
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The Environmentally Responsible AlternativeTo balance automotive wheels in a cost effective, environmentally responsible manner, our 3M™ Wheel Weight System Starter Kit PN99100 provides the essentials to get started. Automotive technicians appreciate how our wheel weight system uses a flexible and conformable wheel balancing material that allows them to cut the exact weight required and securely install it with 3M™ Automotive Attachment Tape. Designed to have less impact on the environment than industry standard lead weights, the 3M™ Wheel Weight System is a proprietary product with unique properties built to meet our customers#39; ever-increasing need for lead-free, quality products.What ,s In The Kit3M™ Wheel Weight Universal Cutting Tool PN61479 (TN201)is used to easily cut the 3M Wheel Weight material to the required weight. An easy-to-read scale determines exact weight in grams or 1/4 ounce increments. Tool comes with 3 replacement blades in the handle.3M™ Wheel Weight Cutter Stand PN61480 (TN252)is a heavy-duty, adjustable stand designed to hold one box of 3M Wheel Weights.3M™Wheel Weight PN61400 (TN4715)is a 10.7 m x 15 mm x 7 mm roll of wheel weight material.3M™ Removal Tool PN99099 (TN501)enables efficient removal of old wheel weights.3M Science Does Its Part to Eliminate a Source of Lead ContaminationAccording to the EPA, approximately 1.6 million pounds of lead wheel weights are lost in the United States when they fall off during normal driving conditions. These weights can enter our environment in a variety of ways, including being washed into storm sewers, gathered during street cleaning or disposed of in landfills. A growing number of jurisdictions are introducing and passing legislation that bans the use of lead wheel weights. Our lead-free, composite material provides a more environmentally friendly alternative without sacrificing performance. In addition to environmental benefits, our wheel weights also resist the corrosion that is common with lead weights, which enhances overall tire appearance.Better Balancing with Reduced Inventory CostsOur 3M™Wheel Weight material is provided as a roll designed to be cut to precise weight requirements, resulting in precision balanced wheels for improved ride quality and comfort. The 3M™' Wheel Weight System eliminates the need to inventory individual part numbers, saving cost and eliminating the confusion of stocking dozens of weights. The efficiency of the 3M system can help increase auto technician productivity.Installation of Wheel Weights is Quick and SimpleThe self-dispensing package of wheel weight material fits on the cutting stand and is easily cut using the attached cutting tool. Simply cut the amount of wheel weight needed for a specific installation. The weights are attached to the wheel using 3M™Attachment Tape technology for dependable, long-term performance. This same adhesive is used by both original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and aftermarket companies.

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