Engine Cleaners

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  • 3M™ Carburetor Cleaner, 08796, 12.5 oz, 12 per case

    3M™ Carburetor Cleaner effectively and quickly removes varnish, resins and gums from carburetors and chokes. Our cleaner has a high delivery rate that flushes away loosened deposits. It is oxygen sensor safe and contains less than 75 percent VOC.
    • $72.71
    • Case of 12 - $72.71
  • 3M™ Gasket Prep and Parts Cleaner, 08901, 14 oz, 12 per case

    3M™ Gasket Prep and Parts Cleaner degreases surfaces prior to applying gasket adhesives or sealants. We recommend this cleaner for valve covers, oil pans and other gasket mating surfaces. Our product ensures a clean surface that enhances better adhesion. Fast drying formula leaves no residue on the surface.
    • $65.26
    • Case of 12 - $65.26
  • 3M™ Universal Fuel Injection Cleaner, 08956, 10 oz, 12 per case

    3M™ Universal Fuel Injector Cleaner (100 psi Can) is a proprietary blend of high octane fuel and solvents, designed to run the engine during the cleaning procedure while cleaning the injectors as the cleaner passes through them
    • $264.30
    • Case of 12 - $264.30