3M™ Cloth RX Unslashed Segment 741A, 2-3/4 in x 3 in, 80, X-Weight, 12 per case

Featuring our high-performing ceramic grain resin-bonded to a durable yet flexible polycotton backing, 3M™ Cloth Segment 741A delivers an excellent cut rate and efficient coverage on moderately contoured and shaped surfaces. It is primarily used for lightweight to medium-pressure grinding, blending and setting a linear grain on contoured metal parts, such as stainless steel tanks.
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    3M™ Cloth RX Unslashed Segment 741A, 2-3/4 in x 3 in, 80, X-Weight, 12 per case
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    Case of 12
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      - 3M™ Ceramic Abrasive Grain offers excellent cut and long life for better performance on most applications
      - Resin bonding resists deterioration from heat, extending the life of the abrasive
      - Flexible layers conform to contoured parts for consistent finishing and blending
      - X-weighted polycotton backing designed for sanding and grinding
      - Closed coat provides greater grain density and a more consistent finish
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Engineered for Demanding OperationsIdeal for surface material removal on demanding metal substrates, 3M™ Cloth Segment 741A can be used in a wide variety of applications, including sanding, grinding, deburring, blending and to set a linear finish. Each layer of the segment contains highly efficient ceramic grain that is engineered to cut fast and handle heat and demanding applications.Designed as a hardworking abrasive, 3M™ Cloth Segment 741A is manufactured with heat-resistant resin, a strong binding agent that adheres the abrasive to the backing and maintains the stability of the bond even in conditions of heat or pressure. This also allows for faster sanding and a higher cut rate. Closed coat construction features a dense spread of abrasive grains across the surface of the cloth. This design cuts fast and is ideal for grinding and setting a grain pattern with a consistent finish.Fast-Cutting Ceramic Grain3M™ Ceramic Abrasive Grain is chemically engineered with a unique "stay sharp" crystalline structure, which fractures frequently to continually create fresh-cut edges for a super-fast cut, making it an excellent choice for high-volume industrial operations. For increased performance, 741A products feature aluminum oxide blended with 3M ceramic grain to produce a consistent and long-lasting abrasive.Unique Construction Follows Contours3M™ Cloth Segment 741A is constructed of a number of layers of coated abrasive cloth. These layers are held together on one end by a sturdy plastic assembly or base that slides easily into the slots of a 3M™ RX Aluminum Hub or similar hub (not included). As the hub segments rotate over the substrate, the abrasive delivers a linear grain finish. Segments offer more conformability over a comparable belt, making them more suitable for a range of contours and shaped radiuses of a workpiece. Additionally, segments wear slowly and have longer life than belts due to the layered abrasive.Cloth-backed abrasives are known for their durability and flexibility and are a good choice for stock removal and finishing across shaped pieces. 3M manufactures cloth segments of two types: slashed and unslashed. Slashed segments are cut into vertical strips that offer more conformability to inner contours. Unslashed segments are used when less conformability and more aggressive cut is required.Ease of UseThe 3M™ RX Hub (sold separately) is an aluminum wheel with 20 evenly spaced tear-dropped shaped slots around the perimeter, into which the segments are inserted. These segments will also fit the keyhole shaped slots of hubs by other manufacturers. To hold the segments in place during operation, appropriately sized stamped metal flanges must be used on both sides of the hub.3M Engineered for Industrial Production3M Abrasives engineers know abrasive construction. For more than 100 years, 3M has been a leading abrasive supplier for the metalworking and woodworking industries, and we offer a complete line of high quality metalworking abrasive solutions to meet your tough jobs. 3M™ Cloth Segment 741A is engineered with premium ceramic abrasive and extra durable construction to help achieve greater throughput for demanding industrial applications, and is custom-sized for every customer to help you achieve the best possible results for your application. It is yet another example of how 3M™ Science provides effective solutions to help businesses like yours operate faster, better and more efficiently.

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