3M™ Press Printable Label Material FP024802, Clear Polypropylene, Roll, Config

3M™ Press Printable Label Materials are excellent for efficiency across a wide range of printed labeling applications. Topcoated facestocks from vinyl to acetate provide a wide choice of durability and conformability, and suit specific inks and methods. 3M adhesives are designed for applications requiring high tack, temperature performance, challenging substrates and more.
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    3M™ Press Printable Label Material FP024802, Clear Polypropylene, Roll,
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      - Designed for a full range of on-press printed label applications including flexographic and screen
      - Facestocks include polyester, vinyl and acetate for durability and conformability
      - Range of 3M acrylic adhesives suits the most specific applications
      - Liners suit processes including high-speed die cutting and matrix stripping
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Label Materials for a Broad Range of Specific Press-Printable Applications3M™ Press Printable Label Materials feature combinations of durable, conformable facestocks and premium 3M adhesives designed for screen or flexographic printing processes as well as digital, Inkjet, heat transfer, laser or dot matrix printing. Facestocks range from semi-gloss paper to vinyl, polyester, polypropylene, polystyrene and acetate for just the right blend of durability and conformability. The facestocks are available matte or gloss in a variety of colors. Materials also include liners: densified kraft, supercalendered kraft, clay coated and PCK for fast and streamlined processing.Recommended ApplicationsThermal transfer labelsVariable information printingBar code trackingTrack and traceBrand and instruction labelsWarning labelsSurface protection and maskingOver laminateUV protectionTamper indicatingDestructible labelsRetread tiresRubber hosesWaxy surfacesFluid-line identificationFraud reductionDigital window graphicsVoid messageDrum labelsFrozen foodsAbout 3M Adhesives for Press Printable Labels3M™ Press Printable Label Materials feature a range of our specially-formulated adhesives for just the right balance of adhesion and removability. Adhesives include:3M™ Adhesive 350 is a modified acrylic adhesive ideal for applications requiring high shear strength even on low surface energy materials, powder coatings or slightly oily metals.3M™ Adhesive 310 resists oozing and provides high bond strength on a variety of surfaces, ideal for smaller label printing applications. Its firmness is compatible with thermal transfer and laser technologies.3M™ Adhesive P1212 is a high-clarity emulsion, ideal for use on overlamination and decorative films. It adheres well to painted metal (except powder coats), plastics such as polystyrene and ABS, galvanized and stainless steel, aluminum and even glass.3M™ Permanent Tackified Acrylic Adhesive P1410 provides high tack and excellent adhesion to substrates, including polyolefins. It features a neutral pH to help prevent corrosion between the label and the surface or container.It is ideal for flexographic printing technologies.3M™ High Performance Permanent Tackified Acrylic Adhesive P1480 is formulated for acid resistance and adhesion to polyolefins, and meets the demanding requirements of most battery label specifications.3M™ Permanent Rubber-based Adhesive P1110 is designed for labeling tires when used with tire wash. It is a general-purpose rubber-based adhesive that is excellent for use on rubber as well as textured plastics, UV-coated corrugated and metal such as aluminum.3M™ High Temperature Acrylic Adhesive 100 is designed for exceptional shear values at elevated temperatures, and can withstand exposure to 450F (232C) for short periods.3M™ High Performance Permanent Tackified Acrylic Adhesive P1650 is designed to meet difficult automotive underhood specifications It delivers excellent thermal stability and resists many automotive and industrial fluids.3M™ Freezer Grade Acrylic Adhesive F2201 offers high initial tack, good clarity, and adhesion when applied at temperatures as low as 0F (-18C).Many of these adhesives are UL recognized and CSA accepted (see the UL an

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Our site states no returns allowed; however, if your order is defective or damaged, the order will be replaced with good product. In addition, we will attempt to return all your product (not only damaged product) if 3M grants the return based on various factors. Some items may be approved for return pending approval from 3M. Some but not all factors include if the item is a 3M stock item and elapsed time from receipt of product to issued return request. Note: 3M will not accept a return if the item is made to order or if the order is less than $600.00. Please double check accuracy of your orders prior to placing them. Details regarding if an item is stock or made to order can be found in the specifications tab of the item page. N = Made to order Item. S = Stock Item. We cannot guarantee any returns.

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