3M Tapes


Auto and Sign Film Tapes - for automotive striping and vinyl sign designs, many various colors, narrow width pre-sized rolls and wide rolls for friction feed computer cutters


Bonding Tapes - used to adhere (bond) two surfaces together temporarily or permanently - VHB "very high bond" tapes for metals, glass and plastics, acid-free adhesives for photos and adhesive transfer tapes for most surfaces


Electrical Tapes - vinyl colored, rubber splicing, heat shrink film, thread sealant, glass cloth, shielding and barricade tapes


Electronic Tapes - water contact indicator tape, electrically conductive tape, extremely low electrostatic discharge properties, clean room construction and maintenance tapes, low outgassing tapes, tape adhesives loaded with thermally conductive ceramic fillers that do not require a heat cure cycle and polyimide films


Masking and Duct Tapes - for painting, stucco, fine masking, color coding, paint overspray protection, tape dispensors, bundling and floor cover protection


Medical Tapes - bandage, wound care, veterinarian and surgical tapes


Office and Home Tapes - carpet, mounting and outdoor window tapes


Packaging, Sealing, Labeling Tapes and Applicators - strapping, box sealing, carton filament tapes, label protection, packing document pouches, marking ID tags, self stick pads, hang products up and sales tabs systems


Photographic, Lithographic and Printed Flexographic Tapes - tapes for mounting flexographic print plates to cylinders, sleeves, printing on corrogated board, photo file splicing tapes and screen printing adhesives and liners


Production / Processing Tapes - for electroplating, photo film splicing, vinyl heat protection, abrasion protection, color coding, vibration prevention, masking protection in thermal spray and sandblasting operations, tapes to adhere to other products for in process manufacturing


Reclosable Fasteners - Scotchmate and Dual-Lock - removable fastening systems, replace screws, bolts and rivets, quickly adjusted, realign or reattach signage to most surfaces, snap electronic components together, trade show graphics - industrial fasteners have 5 times the holding strength than hook and loop


Reflective Tapes and Markers - reflective prismatic, high intensity grade prismatic, flexible tapes, Scotchlite photoelectric and reflective road markers


Tape Dispensers and Case Sealer Replacement Parts - over 4,00 items listed in 150 groups