3M Static Control Products - Commercial

Air Ionizers - overhead, air guns, bench top, test kits, mini-wall, replacement filters

Bags -  ziptop, reclosable shielding and static

Bags - static shielding, conductive

Bags - metal-out zippered puncture resistant shielding bags offer more strength for packaging items with sharp edges

Bags, Moisture Barrier - dri-shield bags provide a huge 30 pound puncture resistance that makes this the choice for packaging tubes, trays, and reels that have troublesome sharp edges, provides full protection from ESD, static fields and tribocharging

Circular Connector Covers - made of an intrinsically conductive composite material with uniformly distributed fibers, free of carbon black particulate and better suited to clean situations

Command - Dry Erase Board

Conductive - film, liner, tubing, hinged snap containers, drum liner, bags

Conductive Floor Mats - semi-flexible conductive floor mat contains a rubber filler for resilience

Crevice Brushes, Nozzles, Hose Assembly and Dusting Brushes

Dessicant - efficiently absorbing airborne moisture left inside the bag after vacuum sealing, and captures moisture that manages to pass through the bag material

Dissipative Mats - grounding tables, rolls, floor runners - table rolls include two 15 ft ground Cords 3040 and five snap fasteners 3034 to be installed by the user

Dissipative Mats -  three-layer vinyl, rubber, rigid, mats provide excellent electrical properties

Dual Conductor - ground cords, wrist straps, fabric, metal

ESD "electric static discharge" Warning and Aisle Marking -  define the areas requiring static protective measures

Grounding Wrist Straps - fabric, metal, disposable straps, footwear, testers, grounding bands - highly durable with segmented strain relief, and a single bundle of tinsel conductors laced for great strength and reinforced with strong synthetic fibers.

Grounding - Adjustable Wrist - fabric wrist strap set provides a cost-effective method of grounding personnel, features a comfortable, adjustable band

Grounding - Anti-Fatigue Static Control Mats

Grounding - Dissipative Mats and Surface -  table mats include two snap fasteners 3034 (installed) and one wrist strap grounding system

Grounding - Heel - disposable, economy, standard

Grounding - Mat Anti-Removal - low profile beveled cap prevents the cord from being accidentally removed from the mat

Grounding - Shoe Assembly, Shoe Electrode

Grounding - Shoe Sole - grounder 1 meg resistance, provides maximum ground contact

Grounding - Snap Fasteners - for mats and runners

Grounding - Straight Ground Cord - Wrist

Humidity Card and Circuit Board Carrying Case - static shielding single card carriers protect individual printed circuit boards from static and physical damage during storage and transport, interiors are lined with dissipative cushioning foam

Labels - military, dispenser, attention, caution

Monitor - ground man monitors allow users to continually monitor up to three connection points on tools - the monitors indicate wheather each individual ground connection being monitored is within specification or has failed

Monitor Mat Interconnect Cord - this straight cord with male snap fasteners at each end and no resistors is used to interconnect two monitored worksurfaces

Portable Field Service Kit

Static Control - cushioned shielding, metal-in/metal-out static shielding, surface mark remover fluid, anti-fatige mats, hand lotion, sensors

Tarni-Shield Protectors

Test Kits - for static control, test leads, air ionizer and combinations

Tools - soldering, snap

Vacuum Carry Strap - used where hands-free transport of vacuum is preferred - not available for tool case vacuums

Vacuum Hose Assembly

Workstation Grounding Kits

Workstation Power Supply

Workstation Remote Jack -  remote Input jack 732 may be purchased as a replacement part for the workstation monitor 724 providing two phone jacks - one for the primary worker and one for use by visitors to the work area