3M Safety Helmets, Harnesses, Glasses - Earplugs, Earmuffs - Aerial Kits, Two-Way Radio Systems


Aerial - fall protection kits


Aerial - Lifting System "Kinetic Davit System" - search #2


Aerial Roofers Kits - anchors and complete kits


Aerial Tripods - for lifting, brackets


Aerial Tripods - pulleys


Cable - beam anchors, "Beamwalk" fits I beams, H beams, bolts, base plate, D-plate, roof, swivel


Cable - Extension cable, shroud, D-ring, safety coverage of ear and neck


Cable - galvanized, stainless, Replacement Cable Assembly, reloaded, various lengths, cable accessories


Cable - Lifeline ropes - self trailing, sidewalk, steel rope grabs, nylon


Cable - shock absorbers for lifelines, with 2 snap hooks, grabs, locking snaps, horizontal cables, ropes


Cable - link swivel assemblies with snap hooks


Cable - Mobile Skywalk safety systems


Cable - retractable, web, stainless


Cable Harness - "Ameba", multi D-Ring Harnesses with 4" Back Pad, Ameba Leg Straps


Cable Harness - "Apache" brand, d-rings, leg lanyard


Cable Harness - "Omega", Worksafe, Adjustable Back Pad, Back D-Ring, Waist D-Rings, Shoulder Pads


Cable Harness - Dual Leg - Lanyards, shock absorbers, steel cable, polyester, powerstop, retractable, rebar, tubular


Cable Harness - Full Body


Cable Harness - Lanyards - elastic, shock absorbers, rebar hooks, dual leg, grab attached, breakaway


Cable Harness - lightweight


Cable Harness - SafeLight


Cable Harness - Shock Absorbers - search #1


Cable Harness - Shock Absorbers - search #2


Cable Harness Belts - Leather, breath easy systems, miners, harness replacements


Cable Harness Elevation


Cable Webbing - safety lines, with Two Snap Hooks, cross arm, padded, retractable, shoulder strap, waist belt


Chemical Detector for Ammonia - Ammonia, Methylamine, Carts, Type K, cartridges


Chemical Detector Audible Alarms - carbon monoxide alarm provides an audible signal outside the work area if the CO level exceeds the preset level


Chemical Detector Calibration - Carbon monoxide kit used to calibrate the carbon monoxide (CO) monitors in the 3M™ Portable Compressed Air Filter and Regulator Panel


Chemical Detectors - cartridges, filters, holders, washers, adapters, filters for Organic Vapor/Acid Gas, Formaldehyde, Ammonia Methylamine, Hydrogen Fluoride, Mercury Vapor Chloride


Chemical Detectors - monitors Ethylene Oxide, Formaldehyde "OV" organic vapor and analysis, monitors uses sorbent wafers for collecting organic vapors


Chemical Absorbent Systems - petroleum booms, Chemical Sorbents, Folded Spill Kit, mini boom, pads, pillows, maintenance rugs, high capacity


Chemical Splash Goggles - also general anti-fog, air flow, tactical, foam, and elastic goggles


Ear Classic Plugs - The world's first foam earplugs and still the most widely used cylindrical earplug today


Earflex Foam Tips - Great alternative to earmuffs that is comfortable, lightweight, and effective


Earmuffs - Low-profile and lightweight protection may be worn over-the-head, behind-the-head, or under-the-chin


Earplugs - "Express", advanced "no-roll" foam and paddle-style grips make getting a good fit easier than ever


Earplugs - "Ultrafit", Patented curved flange design gently hugs the ear canal to provide an effective seal protecting against noise


Earplugs - Corded and Uncorded


Earplugs - general


Earplugs - Tri-Flange, Handy storage container keeps earplugs clean when not being worn. Washable


Earplugs and Earmuffs - construction hearing protection


Earsoft Superfit Regular Plugs - The patented "fitting ring" provides a guideline for proper insertion and quick visual compliance check


Eyewear - construction Safety eyeglass and eyewear Protection


Eyewear - construction landscapers, riveting, readers, professional, general purpose, "Blockade", "I-Riot", Metaliks", "Roadburners", "Tracers", "Wrap-RX", "Fuel", "X-Factor"


Eyewear - construction dual molded temples and rubber tips - Anti fog coated lenses for optical clarity - dual lens frame design with vented temples


Eyewear - construction safety Glasses "X-Factor"


Eyewear - construction Tekk Protection impact-resistant lenses, fits over most personal glasses and offers great peripheral vision, dual lens anti-scratch lens design provides 99.9% UV protection, face and hearing protection. Products include: eyewear, earmuffs, hard hats, cartridges


Eyewear Safety - "BX", Safety eyewear that has three magnification diopters on the top and bottom of the lens: +1.5, +2.0, +2.5. Designed for workers who have difficulty reading small print or who are engaged in small detail work


Eyewear Safety - "Lexa", Combines extra wide viewing range and contoured design. Lightweight, high wrap offers additional coverage


Eyewear Safety - "Light Vision", An illuminating choice for detailed indoor or outdoor work, LightVision protective eyewear features adjustable, hands-free LED lights, while its high wrap lens offers additional coverage


Eyewear Safety - "Maxim", contemporary styling. adjustable temple lengths, ventilation channel designed to help minimize fogging. soft, adjustable nose bridge, High Impact


Eyewear Safety - "Metaliks", high wrap offers additional coverage, impact-resistant polycarbonate lenses, anti-fog hardcoat, soft, adjustable nose bridge and temple tips


Eyewear Safety - "Moon Dawg", ideal for outdoor safety sunwear, stylish, lightweight, comfortable frame, wide temples provide enhanced side coverage, high Impact


Eyewear Safety - "Nassau"


Eyewear Safety - "Nassau", Lightweight frame features adjustable temples for a custom fit. Integrated side shield for wrap around protection


Eyewear Safety - "Nitrous", protective eyewear with a Corded Earplug Control System, unique temple design controls and holds the cord of an earplug to keep it in place and untangled while in use, anti-fog or mirror lenses


Eyewear Safety - "OX", Sturdy, durable OX protective eyewear delivers high impact protection, wraparound side shields and flexible, polycarbonate construction with over-the-glass coverage. Its lightweight frame and anti-fog hard coat lens deliver clarity


Eyewear Safety - "Privo", european styling, soft temple tips, soft comfortable nose bridge


Eyewear Safety - "QX" safety glasses


Eyewear Safety - "Virtua"


Eyewear Safety - "X.Sport" Wraparound lens design. Soft and flexible nose bridge. Provides railway workers with excellent red signal light recognition


Eyewear Safety - Specially sized for the smaller face profile of women. Lightweight, slim frame design. Wrap-around lens


Eyewear Safety -  "Nuvo", Lightweight, retro-styled Nuvo protective reader eyewear features adjustable temples, a cushioned brow bar and soft nosepiece. Contoured frame and integral side shields offer additional safety coverage.


Eyewear Safety -  "Fuel", Nylon frame with polycarbonate lens. scratch-resistant lens coating. Soft nose bridge and temple tips for added comfort. Color accents. Vented temples designed to help minimize fogging


Faceshields - Tough, no-nonsense faceshield window offers the full-face protection you need for a wide range of working conditions, including bright, high-heat environments


Faceshields -  Wide-view, brim, cover, frame, mounting kit, screen, high temp


Hard Hats - "XLR" full brim, ratchet angle, standard


Hard Hat - Mounting Hardware, adapters, welding shield, faceshield


Headbands - for helmets, face shields, radios


Head Gear - Very large search, Inner Shell, head cover, head harness, pad, headband, suspension, headsets


Helmet - LARGE SEARCH, hard hat, attachment, carrying bag, inner shell, latch, knob, welding shield, face shield


Helmet - sweatbands


Helmet Visors - metal, mesh, brow guard, lumberjack, clear polycarbonate, Visor snaps easily into place to provide protection, visibility and safety


Helmets -  "ProTop" Headgear


Hygiene Kits


Kits - Very large search - cam spring, welding shield, respirator, faceshield, gasket, fall protection, friction sleeve, knob & pivot, latch, linkage, o-ring to name a few


Lumberjack Communications - headsets and helmets


Miners Communications - headsets and helmets


Peltor Products - design for military and law enforcement, Aviation Headset, Tactical Protective Eyewear, earplugs, "Optime" Over-the-Head Earmuffs, Petroleum Sorbent Boom


Peltor Protection Search2 - shooting, eyewear, ear, earmuffs, youth, tactical support, triflange, combat, shootgunner, metaliks


Professional Protection - Roofer's Fall system, safety glasses, goggles, chemical spill, Repirator


Radio Communications - "In-Line Push-To-Talk", Adaptors, cables


Radio Communications - "Listen-Only" Earpiece


Radio Communications - "LiteCom", Integrated 2-way radio headset is ideal for communicating in high-noise environments


Radio Communications - "Powercom", "Plus" combines hearing protection and 2-way radio functionality in a single, comfortable communications headset. All-in-one communications, the PowerCom headsets are an efficient alternative to belt radio models. Wireless system also available


Radio Communications - Earfit Training Kit - Validation System Includes The Software, Speaker And Impact Resistant Carrying Case


Radio Communications - Motorola Radio Products


Radio Communications - Noise cancelation, filters, isolating earpieces, noise attenuating and indicators


Radio Adapters - for radio communication, Motorola, Icom, Kenwood, Talkabout, air line, air valve, pressure, flow meter, center floor adapter assembly


Radio Battery - holders, packs, chargers, water repellent cover


Radio Headsets - head band, neck band, helicopter, aviation, tactical, noise attenuating, fireman, bluetooth, am/fm radio, uhf/vhf - 2way radio, hard hat


Radio Headsets - WS Tactical XP Bluetooth Headset Folding with Dynamic Mic systems


Radio Microphones - protectors, throat mikes, mounting guide posts, wind screen, speakers


Radio Tactical Gear - headsets, dynamic mic, earmuffs, 6-6 slim line, goggles, hygiene kit, helmets


Respirator - "Powerflow", is a lightweight, face-mounted Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR). It uses a single high efficiency filter for protection against dusts, mists, fumes and radionuclides, making it ideal for lead, asbestos and other hazardous particulate


Respirator - Exhalation valve parts - mounting seat and 3M™ Cool Flow™ Valve for use with 3M™ Ultimate FX Full Facepiece Reusable Respirators FF-401, 402 and 403, systems parts


Respirator - inhalation valve, gaskets


Respirator - nose cup replacement assemblies for Ultimate FX Full Facepiece Reusable Respirators


Respirator - Particulate, full molded, full, half drop down, clean wipes, straps, valves, noseclip, N95, P100, "OV", "Vflex", N95 Recommended for sanding and preparation before painting. Advanced filter material allows easier breathing. NIOSH approved: N95


Respirator - he Speedglas 9100V starter kit includes 5 outside protection plates, 2 "V-size" inside protection plates and a sweatband


Respirator Air Hose - "Hansen"plugs, sockets, plug is a standard fitting that is used as a quick connect/disconnect on high pressure hoses


Respirator Air Hose - air supply, fittings, couplings, hose is various feet long and has a various inch inner diameter. It is equipped with MPT fittings at both ends and accepts 1/4 inch FPT fittings. 3M™ Supplied Air System approvals allow for 100 foot lengths of this hose to be combined up to a maximum of 300 feet


Respirator Air Seals and Gasket Seal Systems - hoods, face, head, elastomeric, flame retardant,rubber, replacement cloth face seal for "ClearVisor Face Shield"


Respirator Air Supply - plugs, socket, plug is a high pressure, twist lock steel fitting, used on the supplied air hose


Respirator Air Supply Kits - This kit delivers air to both sides of the facepiece for a comfortable and balanced 3M™ Supplied Air Respirator System. Includes 3M™ Breathing Tube SA-2500, 3M™ Waist Belt


Respirator Air temp Cooling - supplied air respirator assembly, when used with approved breathing tube and headgear, can help regulate the flow and temperature of supplied air system. Cools the air


Respirator Air Temp Heating - assembly helps regulate the flow and temperature of the supplied air system


Respirator Airlines - Pressure Gauge , Deflector Gasket, Reg Valve Kit, indicator, spare parts, adapters


Respirator Breathing Tubes -  parts, tubes, breathing tubes used on systems with hoods


Respirator Chemical Filters - High Efficiency "HE" filter, used with 3M "Breathe Easy" Systems against sulfur dioxide, chlorine, formaldehyde, hydrogen chloride and high efficiency particulates


Respirator Filters - partical, portable air, respirators, utility helmet, welding, coalescing, adapters, carts, holders, lenses, plugs, retainers, "HE" high efficiency, Used with 3M "Breathe Easy" Systems against sulfur dioxide, chlorine, formaldehyde, hydrogen chloride and high efficiency particulates


Respirator Helmet -  "Airstream systems", Hydrogen Fluoride cartridge, Commonly used in Aluminium smelting operations


Respirator Helmet - acid gas cartridge ,This cartridge is used with the 3M™ Belt-Mounted and Vehicle-Mounted Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR) Systems. It attaches to the motor blower and filters the air supplied to the headgear


Respirator helmet -  Helmet has two shade 5 side filters to increase peripheral viewing area by 100%. For 3M™ Speedglas™ Helmet 9000, replacement shell


Respirator Hoods - collars, shrouds, sealed-seam, painters, welding, grinding, assemblies can be used on 3M™ Belt-Mounted Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR)s and Supplied Air Respirator Systems, offers exceptional comfort and can be worn with facial hair and glasses


Respirator masks - Replacement accessory kit includes 10 outside protection plates, 5 Inside protection plates and 2 batteries. For 3M™ Speedglas™ Filters 9002X and 9000X/XF/Xi


Respirator Shroud - assembly can be used on belt-mounted powered air purifying respirator and supplied air respirator systems


Welding - Beanie


Welding - Bib, Flame Retardant


Welding - Cap


Welding - Electronic lens and adapter is used on the L-series welding headgear


Welding - Filter


Welding - Harness


Welding - Helmets, Shell, "Skull", "Steel eyes", "Tribal", "Trojan"


Welding - Magnifier is used for magnifying object 1.5X's the normal power. Can be inserted into the Speedglas 9100 ADF on the inside slot


Welding - Scratch resistant outside protection plate for 3M™ Speedglas™ Filters Utility and 9000 Series


Welding - Shield, bump cap, clip on, helmet, high temp


Welding Helmet - "FV" FlexView, a spring-mounted filter assembly that can be lifted to expose a clear faceshield for precision weld prep and grinding


Welding Helmet Respirators - "Adflo", Powered Air Purifying Respirator High Efficiency Organic Vapor-Acid Gas (OV/SD/CL/HC) System, Powered respiratory protection for welders. Lightweight, slim design eliminates external batteries and cables. The polycarbonate face shield has exceptional clarity and a wide viewing area


Welding Respirator Filter - "Speedglas" inside protection plates are designed to protect the inside surface of the filter from spark and spatter


Welding Shrouds - inner, outter, leather, hoods, extended length, replacements, flame retardant, splash shroud, respirator shroud assembly can be used on belt-mounted powered air purifying respirator and supplied air respirator systems