3M Home Cleaning, Fabric Protectors and Pet Products


Brushes - lint and utility


Cleaners - carpet protectors, cleaners, Scotchgard


Cleaners - Copper Scouring Scotch-Brite


Cleaners - Silver Cleaner, Tarni-Shield


Cleaners - Stainless Steel cleaner


Cleaning Pads - easy erasing, scour, pot and pans


Coveralls - Puncture and tear resistant Tyvek coverall with zipper closure and standard collar. Fits most wearers between 5'7 & 6'2 in, in height and 150lbs to 220lbs in weight


Fabric Protectors and Upholstry Cleaners - Scotchgard


Floor Sweepers - Quick Floor Sweepers


Heavy Duty Scour Pads, Scrub Sponges and Dishwands


Home, Garden, Workshop - Dust Masks, First aid Kits


Household Bleach Odor Respirator - helps provide relief from annoying chlorine bleach odors when using certain household cleaners and disinfectants


Kitchen Wipes and Scrub Sponge


Lint and Hair Rollers


Microfibers - detail cloth, hardwood floor dusters


MultiPurpose - scrub sponges, no scratch pads, no scratch floor scrubber with handle


Pet Products - hair rollers, refills, flat surface, oxy clean


Scrubbers - tub & tile, shower, no scratch, household, kitchen, bath, grill, heavy duty, surface scrub sponge, scrub and wipe


Sponges - cloth, dish, large, medium, utility




Brand Names


Dobie Pads Scotch-Brite


Greener Products - Scotch-Brite "Greener" clean soap loaded scrubbers are non-scratch & soap loaded.


O-Cel-O - all surface scrubbers, sponges, home, car, boat


Perfect-It - detailing cloth, removes oily or filmy residue including waxes, polishes, glazes and fingerprints, and is ideal for paint, chrome, glass, dashboards, and more - unique super-soft micro-texture will not scratch or streak delicate surfaces




Scotch-Brite - household scrubbers, pads, sponges