3M Floor - Slip Resistant Safety-Walk Floor Mats, Tread Strips and Industrial Cleaners


Anti-Slip / Slip Resistant Peel and Stick Tread Strips and Safety-Walk Mats

Safety-Walk - coarse tread matting


Safety-Walk - conformable tread matting


Safety-Walk - cushion tread matting


Safety-Walk - edge seal products


Safety-Walk - fine resilient tread matting


Safety-Walk - general purpose


Safety-Walk - medium resilient matting


Safety-Walk - rubber hand roller


Safety-Walk - wet area tread matting


Safety-Walk - ideal for helping prevent slips and falls. Products include: Bathtub strips, reflective strips, Home and recreation tread, step and ladder tread, light/heavy duty tread, shoe treads and shower strips


No Scratch Self-Stick Pads - for bottom of lamps, phones, chairs, tables to help prevent nicks and scratches to finished surfaces, also an alternative closure to zippers, snaps and hooks, bonding securely to bare or painted metal, many plastics, wood and glass. Products include: Pads, fasteners, and floor protection


Carpet Tapes - keeps carpets in place, double-sided, permanent or temporary, indoor or outdoors, for concrete, subfloors, vinyl, ceramic, hardwood floors, no iron seam tape to put together two pieces of carpet


Matting Adhesive


Matting Edging and Scraper


Matting Seaming Tape Roll


Brand Names

Doodlebug - pads and scrubbers


Nomad - floor and carpet mats


Scotch-Brite - cleaners


Scotchgard - spot removers


Sharpshooter and Troubleshooter - cleaners


Cleaner Pads

Autoscrubber Pads


Buffer Pads


Burnish Pads


Carpet Cleaning Bonnet Pad - unique low-profile design helps the floor machine glide easily over the carpet to reduce operator fatigue and improve cleaning efficiency.


Cleaner Pads


High Productivity Stripper Pads


Polish Pads


Productivity Pads


Sponges - Commercial Size



Bowl, Stainless Steel and General




Easy Scrub Mops and Mop Applicator - applicator with special tubing to dispense floor finish


Griddle Screen - heavy duty cleaning and removal of grease and food on flat top griddles


Grill Brick


Spot and Stain Removers


Stainless Steel Cleaners