3M Abrasives - Sanding Belts, Wheels, Brushes for Automotive, Metal and Woodworking


Brand Names


Armorcast - flexible fiberglass knit fabric


Crimplok - connectors


Highland - butt splices, disconnects, locking Forks, male tabs, Rings, snap plugs, tapes, wire connects, block forks


Hot Melt - duplex connectors


MS2 - splicing units and tools


Performance Plus - for both permanent and temporary applications indoor and outdoor. It is removable with little or no adhesive residue from most opaque surfaces up to 6 months after application


Scotch - electrical Tapes, sprays


Scotchcast - casting tape


ScotchCode - wire marking dispensers


Scotchfil - elastic putty in tape form


Scotchkote - waterproof coating


Scotchrap - corrosion protection, pipe primer


Scotch-Seal - mastic tape


Temflex - corrosion, friction, vinyl, cotton tapes




Electrical Tapes - rubber splicing, rubber vinyl/mastic, barricade, buried warning, electric vinyl [10 colors], thread sealant, wire marker, plastic, marine rigging, emi shielding, glass cloth tapes


Heat Shrink Tubing - protective film tube which shrinks in diameter when heated - comes in various colors , wall thickness, lengths - rolls, pieces, long sticks, spools - used to protect, insulate wires, conductors, connections, terminals, engine wires from abrasion, flame and high temperature resistance


Heat Shrink Tubing FP-301VW - superior flame resistance


Heat Shrink Bus Bar Tubing - flame-retardant, track-resistant polyolefin that will shrink to fit rectangular


Heat Shrink Flexible Polyolefin Tubing


Heat Shrink Heavy-Wall Cable Sleeve


Heat Shrink Medium Wall


Heat Shrink MFP Tubing - a cross-linked, thin-walled, heat shrinkable tubing offering a high degree of mechanical strength and high-temperature resistance


Heat Shrink Multiple-Wall


Heat Shrink Thick-Wall


Heat Shrink Tubing Assorted


Heat Shrink Thin-Wall Tubing


Cold Shrink - seals, protects, insulator for exposed cable ends, end caps using no tools, mastics or tapes, meets requirements of ANSI C119-1 and western underground guide


Scotchlok - fluorescent ballast installation and replacement, fixture and appliance wiring, automotive and marine wiring, and control circuit wiring


Scotchlok Fork - terminals have a variety of wire ranges ex: 22-18 AWG and a variety of stud sizes ex: 6


Scotchlok Block Fork - designed to use in a terminal block because their sides lie flat against the barrier portion of the terminal block


Scotchlok Locking Fork - locking fork is nylon insulated with an insulation grip


Scotchlok Male Disconnect - disconnects are attached to mating part by tongue of female part slipping over male tab, dents and rolled edges on female part provides holding force allowing quick disconnect.


Scotchlok Female Disconnect -  disconnects are attached to mating part by tongue of female part slipping over male tab, dents and rolled edges on female part provides excellent holding force while allowing quick disconnect


Scotchlok Ring Tongue - the standard style of tongue, safest and most reliable, since it cannot be removed unless the mounting screw is removed


Blocking -  terminal, holding, fuse, dual level branch, flange, block fork


Cable Products - stacker, lubricants, rack, ties


Cable Ties - heavy duty, intermediate, miniature, standard, assortment - handy for securing groups of cables


Connectors / Connect - straight, half, splice, boot, fc, pc, sc duplex, wire [keg], shield bond, closed end, spring


Couplings - sc duplex, simplex, angle polish, fc sm, fc apc


Direct Bury - splice, closure kit, detectable tape, barricade tape, splice kit


Duplex Products


FC Couplers and Connectors - single mode, mount threaded


Gels - foil, re-enterable, bridge module


Grounding - braid, static, general


Heavy-Duty End Cap - SKE 4/ - 8/ - 45/100 - 15/40 - 25/63 - 30/76


Kevlar Snips - scissors to cut kevlar and fiber patchcord cable


Kits - cleaning, expansion, handpresser, vise, unipresser, closure, static grounding, lettering, body closure, remote splitter, motor lead splice, inline splice, resin splice, heat shrink splice


LC Couplers and Connectors - polishing, duplex, simplex, LC SM, LC MM, single mode, multimode


Modified Fluoroelastomer or Polychloroprene Tubing


MS2 - super mini module dry is a 25-pair straight splice module that features an array contacts and stainless steel cut-off blades


No Polish Connectors - no polish connector is for indoor and outdoor locations - sc mm, scsm, sc/ap


Replenishment Decals - includes a line of reflective letters, numbers and characters to identify network applications


ScotchCode Wire Marker - tapes are available imprinted with various number combinations, letters and symbols


Shield Connector - suitable for 100-pair or less and can be used on all cable with 20.3 mm (0.8") or smaller OD


Simplex Products




Splicing - rigs, headhold, direct burt, flexable, butt, motor lead pigtail, rubber, resin


Tools - splicing, wire cut-off, step jaws, bsp, tool mount, cap removal and ratchet


Universal Hot Melt Holder


Wire - retainer assembly, mount socket, connectors, cleaners, jumper, marker, retainers and lubricants


Wire Pulling Looseners and Lubricants - pourable liquid for convenient loading into conduit, lubricants that produce a low coefficient of friction that lessens the chance of wire damage from high pulling forces