3M Bandages, Braces and Wound Care


Athletic - self adhesive wraps, self adhesive bandages, cloth, supporters, "ACE"


Bandages - "Active NEXCARE", bandages


Bandages - elastic with Velcro, with clips, "ACE", active, comfort, brights, soft and flexible, waterproof


Bandages - gentle and soft adhesive tape, pads


Bandages - transparent film pads, film rolls, frame the wound style dressing, thin clear sterile dressing that keeps out water, dirt and germs yet lets skin breathe, "TEGADERM"


Bandages - self-adherent wraps "COBAN" Wraps, Color Assortment


Bandages Heavy Duty - clear, flexible, waterproof


Bandages No Sting - liquid bandage, no hurt tape, non-stick pads


Bandages Soft - protects wounds such as cuts, burns, abrasions and post-surgical incisions - highly breathable, non-stick pad, hypoallergenic


Bandages Waterproof - bandages, skin cover


Braces / Supporters - wrist, glove, back, ankle, elbow, knee, athletic, arch, lumbar, shin/calf


Braces / Supporters - abdominal support "FUTURO"


Braces / Supporters - ankle braces, neoprene, nylon, "ACE", quick lace, stirrup, wrap around


Braces / Supporters - back braces, "ACE", abdominal back, lower sacro, "FUTURO", stabilizers


Braces / Supporters - elbow braces, Elasto-Preene, "ACE", neoprene, straps, tennis


Braces / Supporters - knee braces, Elasto-Preene, "ACE", patella, hinged, open, closed, with sides, stablizers, straps, neoprene, nylon, open buttress, open patella, sport adjustable


Braces / Supporters - neck brace, "FUTURO"


Braces / Supporters - thumb immobilizer, stablizers


Braces / Supporters - wrist braces, Stabilizers , "ACE", splints, wraps, rigid, neoprene, nylon


Braces / Supporters - helps prevent strains, swimming, wide waistbands, "BAUER&BLACK"


Compress - cold, instant, reusable, packs


Compress - general


Compression Diabetic - socks for men and women


Compression Pantyhose - firm compression helps relieve discomfort from chronic tired, achy legs, more pronounced varicose veins, and moderate ankle swelling


NEXCARE Products


Respirator Mask - fluid resistant, single use mask that helps protect others from bacteria exhaled by the wearer


Skin Antiseptic and Hand Cream -  hand sanitizer, hand antiseptic (personal size), "AVAGARD", hand cream


Skin Cleaning Sponges - facial, body, "BUF-PUF", gentle, non-irritating sponges are ideal for daily use - even on dry, sensitive skin


Skin Closures - "Steri-Strip" adhesive strips and liquids used to secure, close and support small cuts, wounds and surgical incisions.


Skin Crack Care


Skin Creams - "CAVILON" dry skin cream, barrier lotions, hand lotion, emollient body cream


Slings - arm sling, "ACE", "FUTURO", pouch


Thermometers - rapid, digital, ear, basal, flexible


ACE Athletic Sports Tape - underwrap, wraps, moisture control


Blenderm Surgical Tape - occlusive plastic, hypoallergenic tape


Durapore Surgical Tape - Silk-like, hypoallergenic tape


Medipore Hypoallergenic Tape - soft cloth


Micropore Surgical Tape - Elastic foam, hypoallergenic tape


Transpore Surgical Tape - porous, plastic hypoallergenic tape


Underwraps - Tape - for sports, foam and nylon


Vetrap Bandaging Tape -  self-adherent bandaging tape.