3M Automotive Body Repair




Air Release Tool




Automotive Masking Tapes


Body - sealer, clean up, seam fix, filler


Booth Coating




Clear Repair Tape


Complete Fuel System Cleaner




Denibbing - 1500 grit Trizact abrasive designed to remove small dust nibs from newly painted vehicles. For use with 3M™ Perfect-It™ Denibbing Tool.


Dent Filling - compound, finishing glaze


Detailing - compound, polish, diluter, spray bottles


Dirt Trap Material - dispensers, kit


Discs - conditioning, stripping, sanding, holder, feathering products


Dispensers - Valve, material


Dry Guide Coat


Emery Cloths


Engine and Tire Dressing


Fiberglass - cloth, mat, resin products


Fiberglass products


Fillers - search 1


Fillers - search 2




Hardners - search 1


Hardners - search 2


Headlight Lens Restoration


Leather and Vinyl Restore


Lens Renewal - kit, tape, protector


Marine Products - aluminum and fiberglass restorer, cleaners, wax, gelcoat, mildew block, filler


Masking - overspray soft edge foam, paper products




Plastic - cleaner, adhesive for trim and emblems, sheeting,


Platinum - glaze, hardener


Polish - chrome, metal, aluminum, foam polish pads, single/double sided wool pads, lens, detail, superbuff


Primers - search 1


Primers - search 2


Putty s - search 1


Puttys - search 2


Refinishing Products






Sanding - cloth, disc, paper, block, sponge, pad products


Scratch Removal System


Sealers - brushable seam sealer, clear auto, edge, underseal, detector loop sealant


Silicone - lubricant [dry type], paste, silicone-free tire dressing, sealer




Tire - dressing, restorer


Universal Fuel System Cleaners


Urethane Sealers - auto glass, high winds


Weatherstrip Adhesive


Welding - "window-weld" round rib, super adhesive - welding and spark deflect, weld-thru coating


Wet or Dry Sanding Products




3M Automotive Body Repair Brand Names

Automix - OEM Seam Sealer, EZ fix/sand, epoxy, door skin, panel bonding, adhesives, fiberglass fix, various size seam sealer tips


Body Schutz - black, rubberized, protective coating developed primarily for use as a sound deadener, protective coating, and underseal - Applicator


Bondo - fiberglass, fillers,repair products, loop sealant can withstand the corrosive effect of road salts, automotive fluids, jet fuel, gasoline and extreme weather conditions


Diamond Grade Conspicuity Marking - Solid white, highly reflective, microprismatic sheeting with pressure sensitive adhesive for easy application to trucks, trailers and large vehicles to enhance visibility and detection distance.


Duramix - adhesive,"Factory-Match" duplicate factory doorskin seams, as well as various other factory seams. Flows slightly and softens on the edges, without tooling, giving a rounded appearance.


Dynamic Mixing System - Professional pneumatic (air-operated) applicator for cartridge-based body repair materials needing dynamic mixing.


Dynatron / Dynalite - the professional's choice for lightweight body filler. This product produced with the highest quality resins, talc and microspheres creating automotive body fillers that are faster and easier to work with.


Finesse-it / Roloc -Ppolishing products, buffing pads, sanding pads, metalworking light sanding wet or dry - if a sanding tool is preferred over hand sanding. Roloc sanding pad can be used with a 1 inch Roloc disc pad or with tools equipped with the Roloc attachment system - refine sand scratches in automotive clear coats left from previous steps.  Provides an extra fine finish on all clear coat systems, with minimal haze.


Flex Pack System - Nozzle, fully enclosed all metal, rod driven, friction feed applicator gun for use with windshield urethanes.


Green Corps - grinding rust,paint,door skins,figerglass,mgi weld removal, abrasives for woodworking and metal working,heat resistant sanding products -- related products overlap with hookit and regalite brand names


Hookit - disc, pads and products - high strenght film backings, automotive sanding of paint,metal plastic,putty, scratch refinement and spot paint repair


Imperial - stripping paint to metal, shaping and sanding plastics, removal of paint runs, light sanding of lacquers and paints, wet sanding -- this look-up has related products that overlap with Hookit, Roloc, and Stikit


Mar-Hyde - For use with Mar-Hyde® 4.4 Ultimate™ 2K High Speed Primer Surfacers.


Marson - easy-to-apply fillers that provides a tack-free surface in minutes over steel, aluminum, wood and E-Coat.


Perfect-it Hook Foam Polish Pads - 3 inch foam polishing pad designed to remove fine swirls in automotive paint finsihes , even on difficult dark colored cars. Produces a swirl free finish even on black vehicles.


Performance Finish - Extremely durable synthetic liquid wax. Ideal for all automotive exterior paints. High gloss shine, easy to use, for hand or machine use.


Piranha - Advanced Finish


Platinum - Marson's popular Platinum Plus body filler


Premium - automotive sandpaper, liquid wax, polyester finish


Quick - wax, adhesive fix


Scotch -  mounting tape, cleaning, prep, stripping disc, paint protection


Scotchcal Duo-Tone Striping Tape -  Two color stripe pattern for professional use in matching existing stripes or creating original striping designs on vehicles.


Scotchcal Elite Double Striping Tape - Two color stripe pattern for professional use in matching existing stripes or creating original designs on vehicles.


Scotchcal Striping Tape - Single stripe pattern for professional use in matching existing stripes or creating original striping designs on vehicles.


Scotchgard Paint Protection -  An alternative to bug shields or vehicle bras. 6 mil, clear-coated urethane film that helps preserve the vehicle finish. The application is meant to be permanent; however, it can be removed if desired.


Scotchlite Reflective Film -  Intended to provide bright, vivid daytime colors that also have light reflective properties in darkness. Safety and nighttime visibility may be improved with 3M™ Scotchlite™ Reflective Series Film 680.