3M Adhesives, Epoxy, Applicators, Lubricants and Adhesive Cleaners


Scotch-Weld Acrylic Adhesive -  #805, 807, 825, 820 acrylic adhesives, 8010 plastic adhesive


Scotch-Weld Acrylic Adhesive -  #805, 807, 810, 812, 820, 825, 920, 8010 two part epoxys for bonding oily metals, low surface energy plastics "LES", rubber


Scotch-Weld Anaerobic Activator - california compliant, one-part surface activator for use with anaerobic adhesives.


Scotch-Weld Bonding Films -  #583 heat or solvent activated dry film adhesive, 588 structural bonds with high internal strength


Scotch-Weld Contact Adhesive -  #10 neoprene adhesive, 30H, 30NF fastbond water-dispersed, 2000NF water dispersed high solids


Scotch-Weld Epoxy Adhesive -  #1838L, 2214 bonds metal, glass, plastic, 2216 aluminum filled, 2290, 3501, 3532 urethane adhesive, 3549 urethane adhesive DP100, DP105, DP110, DP125, DP190, DP405 low halogen , DP420, DP460


Scotch-Weld Epoxy - adhesive 3501 is a rigid, two-part epoxy, 3535 urethane adhesive, 1838L low viscosity


ScotchWeld Epoxy - adhesive 1838 is a rigid, two-part epoxy, 60 minute work life and handling strength in 8 hours


Scotch-Weld Epoxy#2158, 3532 urethane adhesive, 3549 urethane adhesive, DP4207


Scotch-Weld Epoxy Adhesive -  #DP100, DP105, DP110, DP125, DP190, DP405, DP420, DP460, 2214, 2216, 2290, 3590, DP4XLEG


Scotch-Weld Epoxy Potting Compound -  #DP2707


Scotch-Weld High Performance Contact Adhesive -  #1353 neoprene provides a long bonding range and initial strength


Scotch-Weld Instant Adhesive - CA4 fastset, CA5 fastset, CA7 metals, CA8 metals, CA9 metals, CA40 rubbers, CA50 surface insensitive


Scotch-Weld Insulation Adhesive


Scotch-Weld Low Odor Acrylic Adhesive -  #DP8107


Scotch-Weld Metal Adhesive


Scotch-Weld Metal Primer


Scotch-Weld Metal Sealer


Scotch-Weld Plastic Adhesive -  #1099 nitrile plastic, 2262 plastic with plasticizer risistance, 8010 low surface energy plastics


Scotch-Weld Rubber & Gasket Adhesive -  #847 nitrile, 1300 neoprene, 2141 brushable


Scotch-Weld Solvent


Scotch-Weld Spray Activator


Scotch-Weld Structral Plastic Adhesive - #8005 low surface energy plastic bonder


Scotch-Weld Structural Adhesive Films - #AF42, AF111, structural bonding of metals, high-strength plastic laminates, bonds metal to metal and metal, plastics to honeycomb sandwich assemblies


Scotch-Weld Threadlocker - high and low torque removal thread lockers for nuts, bolts, screws


Scotch-Weld Urethane Adhesive - polyurethane, urethane #DP601 self leveling, DP604, DP605, DP608, DP620, DP640, DP5001 thermosetting sealant

Duramix - adhesives, damping material, fast adhesives, Can also be used to bond many dissimilar materials such as plastic, fiberglass and metal


Scotchkote - rebar and pipe protection epoxy coatings that protect pipelines from underground and sea corrosion, used as a repair patch material, a girthweld coating, a stand alone coating for pipe rehabilitation, and in a wide variety of other field applications where corrosion protection of metal is required


Scotch-Grip - industrial adhesives for bonding many fabrics, supported vinyls, wood, leather and most porous materials, sprayable, fast drying adhesive with good resistance to plasticizer migration, a fast drying, highly flexible very long tack range adhesive with good water resistance, Low soak-in on porous surfaces


Scotch-Seal Polyurethane Sealants - # 540 is a one component, moisture curing products which form permanently elastic bonds


Shipping-Mate - Palletizing, carton, this adhesive can permanently seal closure flaps on many corrugated shipping containers


Weatherban - waterbased, paintable chaulk sealant, and synthetic rubber sealant in tape form that is thread reinforced for dimensional stability and die-cutting. Repositionable with virtually no cleanup

Bulk Adhesives - gallons and drums, 77, 78, 90


Concrete Repair Adhesives


Conductive Film Adhesives - bond a flexible printed circuit to another flexible printed circuit or board.


Contact Adhesives


Cylinder Industrial Size Adhesives


Epoxy Adhesives


Fast Adhesives - FastBond, FoamFast, HoldFast, FastRepair, contact adhesive, FastBond construction mastic, FastCure hybrid sealants, FastSet concrete repair kit


Fastbond Adhesives - adhesive is a water dispersed neoprene contact adhesive


Foam Adhesives


General Construction and Home Adhesives - concrete, glass, metal, wood, plastic, ceramic outdoors, vinyl, leather, wet surfaces, quick set epoxy, super spray 77 and 90 adhesives - this SEARCH is mixed with adhesive backed sanding products


Glue - carpenter's wood, super glue gel and liquid


High Temp, High Strength, Fast Tack, Hot Melt and Contact Adhesives - tubes, spray cans, 5 gallon and industrial cylinders


Hot Melt Adhesive and Polyurethane Reactive Adhesives


Hot Melt Stick Adhesives, Jet-Melt


Hot Melt Thermoset, Polyurethane Reactive Adhesives


Plastic Adhesives


Polyurethane Construction Sealants and Sealant Adhesives


Repositionable Spray 75 Adhesive


Screen Printable Adhesives


Spray Can Aerosol Adhesives and Spray Cylinders Adhesives - CANS: #20 woodworking, 24 foam, fabric, 27 misting spray multi-use, 72 plastic, foam padding, carpet backing, polyethylene, polyproylene, 74 foam bonding, 76 one surface bonding, 77 paper, cardboard, foils, felt, 78 insulation foam, 90 hi-bond metal, wood, 92 laminating, 6111 & 6116  hot melt sprayable thermoplastic, Silicone spray - CYLINDERS: are industrial size containers with the same adhesives as the spray cans, industrial spray applicator and tips


Spray Can Aerosol Adhesives - search2, #77 permanent foils, paper, cardboard, felt, #78 polystyrene, foam, #90 high strength laminates


Spray Shipping Adhesives for Palletizing and Case Sealing


Thermally Conductive Adhesives, Grease and Films - adhesives flow into micro-spaces for ultra thin bond line with low impedance


Urethane Adhesives



Applicator Tips




EPX - Scotch-Weld, EPX Applicators, Guns, Mixing Nozzles, plungers, for use with epoxy cartridges


Hot Melt and Polygun, Applicators, Tips, Stands, Parts and Products




Mixing Nozzles


Polygun Mini Extension Tip


Scotch-Weld Nozzles, Plungers and Tips

Adhesive Remover


Citrus Cleaners


Cleaner C596


Penetrant oil "5-Way"


Polystyrene foam insulation






Silicone Lubricant


Scotch-Weld & Scotch-Grip Adhesives - misc


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