3M Abrasives - Sanding Belts, Wheels, Brushes for Automotive, Metal and Woodworking


Surface Conditioning

DF Surface Conditioning LS Belts - Aggressive and long lasting non-woven belt for deburring, finishing, blending, and cleaning. The reinforced low-stretch backing offers good flexibility and great edge durability. Excellent for portable belt tools.


SE Surface Conditioning Belts - coarse, tough, aggressive non-woven belt for heavy duty deburring and finishing. The reinforced backing offers good flexibility.


SE Surface Conditioning Discs


SE Surface Conditioning LS Belts


Surface Conditioning Discs


Surface Conditioning Belts and Discs - a variety of coarse or fine tough non-woven belts or discs for heavy duty deburring, finishing, cleaning, or blending


Surface Conditioning FB Belts - A non-woven belt used for cleaning, finishing, blending and deburring applications. The smooth, tough, stretch-resistant nylon film backing works well with platens.


Surface Conditioning LS Belts -  A non-woven belt used for cleaning, finishing, blending and deburring applications. The firm, stretch-resistant backing is suited for high belt tensions.



Cut, Strip, Clean and Polish

Clean and Strip Unitized Wheels - aggressive, open web wheel for cleaning welds, removing rust and paint - a layered, durable unitized wheel construction - hard 7 density with low conformability "SCOTCH-BRITE"


Cut and Polish Unitized Wheels, Blocks and Wheels - heavy duty wheels for aggressive blending and finishing, replace rubber bonded wheels, set-up wheels and flap wheeles "SCOTCH-BRITE"


EXL Unitized Wheels - strong, efficent products for edge deburing and finishing, used with roloc holder pads on a straight shaft or right angle tool


General Purpose Wheels and Unitized Blocks


SST Unitized Wheels



Deburring, light grinding, blending, and polishing

EX2 Deburring Wheels - Firm and durable wheel for tough deburring and finishing applications. Convolutely wound on a core.


EX3 Deburring Wheels - Highest durability wheel for aggressive edge deburring. Convolutely wound on a core.


EXL Unitized Deburring Wheels - Excellent for deburing and polishing a wide range of metals, plastics and composites, cool running allows more pressure to be applied, cleaner than buffs and compounds.


EXL XP Deburring Wheels - High performance and durability wheel for demanding deburring and finishing applications. Convolutely wound on a core.


Flat Part Deburring Wheels and Brushes


Light Deburring and Grinding - deburring, light grinding, blending, and polishing


Scotch-Brite SF Finishing & Deburring Wheels - light deburring and grinding - when your main task is finishing but you know you have some burrs, finish metals,composites, glass


SST Deburring Wheel - designed for deburring and edge radiusing, convolutely wound on a core.



Flap Brushes

Flap Brushes -  cleans work surfaces for better coating adhesion and produce a consistant superior appearance - flap discs provide a system for removing material and finishing in one step


Bristle Brushes and Radial Bristle Discs - excellent replacement for wire brushes, use on bench motors for general purpose cleaning, no flying wires yet higher cut rates "SCOTCH-BRITE"


Cut and Polish Flap Brushes - heavy duty for applications requiring higher polished finishes, individual sheets adhered at a 90 degree angle to a core


Finishing Flap Brushes - light duty for cleaning and finishing applications, individual sheets adhered at a 90 degree angle to a core



Finishing, Polishing, and Blending

Cut and Polish Disc - Tough, tight, and dense web for long life and durability. Excellent for aggressive blending and finishing. May be used on bench motor or straight shaft tool.


Cut and Polish Roll


Cut and Polish Sheet


Cut and Polish Wheel


Hand Pads


High Strength Blending and Finishing - Universal, durable, tough web is excellent to blend, deburr, satin finish, denib/defuzz and clean. May be used individually or stacked on straight shaft tool or bench motor.


High Strength Discs, Brushes, Rolls and Sheets


Metal Blending and Finishing Wheels, Discs and Sheets


Multi-Finishing Wheels and Flex Rolls - produces uniform grain finishes on stainless steel and other metals, highly conformable, tough enough to finish edges and welds


Cleaning, Stripping, and Finishing

Clean and Finish - Discs, Rolls and Sheets


Clean and Finish - Rolls


Clean and Strip - Discs, Cups and Wheels


Metalworking Wheels


Woodworking Rolls ,Sheets and Wheels



Brand names:

Brushlon - nylon non-abrasive fiber with unique high density straight or 20 degree orientation, design for vibratory conveying, carrier rolls, sound deadening, or air seal applications.


Scotch-Brite Hookit - clean, cut, polish and finish products, used on rotating power tools, effective for light to moderate cleaning, satin finishing, scratch blending and deburring, Hookit™ backing reinforces disc for longer life


Roloc - clean, cut, polish, blending, and finishing holders and discs, provide a fast method for blending, leveling and finishing on all types of metal, glass, titanium, they lock securley in place with just a half twist, another half twist and they're off


Roto Peen - flap wheel and assembly provide a method of precision peening with portability and cleanliness, use for cleaning and descaling operations


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Hookit - dust free sanding discs