3M Abrasives - Light Sanding, Polishing, Finishing, Pads, Discs and Accessories





Disc Holder


Disc Pad Face Plate


Disc Pad Holders - Hook and Loop disc holder has a center post that keeps Hook and Loop discs from flying off the holder at high speeds


Disc Pad Hub


Disc Retainer Nuts


Flang Adapters


Maintenance & Repair Kits


Mandrels - Use with Unitized Wheels 1-1/2 inch - 2 inch diameter x 1/4 inch - 1/2 inch wide x 1/4 inch center hole. Maximum wheel width is 1/2 inch. Note: 5/16 inch center hole is recommended for wheels 6 density or harder


Rotary Cutter


Rubber - Dual Lock skirt, cushion polishing wheels, sanding blocks, slotted expander wheels




Wheel and Removal Packs



Pads, Sponges and Tack Cloths

Buffing Pads


Disc Hand Pads


Disc Pack


Disc Pads


Sanding Discs - For use on wood, metal, and plastic


Sanding Pads


Steel Wool Pads


Tack Cloth


Wet or Dry Rubber Squeegees, Sponges



Aluminum Oxide sanding - is tough, durable and long-lasting used on wood, metal, plastic, automotive and painted surfaces, non-loading sheets with light paper backing - Products include; discs, sandpaper, quarter sheets, 1/3 sheets


Drywall Sanding Screen


Drywall Sanding - Cuts fast, provides a smooth and fine finish. adhesives that quickly bond paper and plastic to drywall - products include: sanding sponges, sanding sheets, sanding screens, sanding discs, hand sanders, corner bead, drywall tapes


Finishing Materials


Floor Sanding


Pro-pak Sanding Products - made to fit most drywall sanding tools, Paint and Rust Removal (Alox) can be used for general purpose. Can be used with water to reduce clogging and extend abrasive life. Non-loading, dry sanding sandpaper features silicon carbide. Products include: Discs, sandpaper, cloth, Hookit, Stikit


Sanding Products - Industrial


Sandpaper - wet or dry, general


Sanding Products for Construction or Home - power sand wood, metal, plastic and painted surfaces, Discs, sheets, sponges, screens, sandpaper and belts



Brand Name Searches:

Doodlebug - Scotch pads and scrubbers, designed for tough jobs like removing finish and wax buildup from baseboards and floor edges, great way to strip stairs


Finesse-it / Roloc - polishing products, buffing pads, sanding pads, metalworking light sanding wet or dry - if a sanding tool is preferred over hand sanding. Roloc sanding pad can be used with a 1 inch Roloc disc pad or with tools equipped with the Roloc attachment system - refine sand scratches in automotive clear coats left from previous steps. Provides an extra fine finish on all clear coat systems, with minimal haze


Hookit - disc, pads and products - high strength film backings, automotive sanding of paint, metal, plastic, putty, scratch refinement and spot paint repair


Hook and Loop - discs created for use on random orbital sanders. They are durable and good for work on wood or metal


Perfect-it Hook Foam polish Pads - 3 inch foam polishing pad designed to remove fine swirls in automotive paint finishes , even on difficult dark colored cars. Produces a swirl free finish even on black vehicles.


Roloc - holders and discs, provide a fast method for blending, leveling and finishing on all types of metal, glass, titanium, they lock securely in place with just a half twist, another half twist and they're off


Sandblaster Sanding - products allow easy surface preparation for bare wood, metal or drywall. ideal for fast removal of paint, rust, and varnish removal. Products include: Sanding sponges, pads, disc, palm sanders, wall sanders, sandpaper, surface cleaner and power tools


Scotch-Brite search1 - cleaning and scuff prep


Scotch-Brite search2 - clean rust and paint systems


Scotch-Brite search3 - Surface Preparation, pads, discs, fine finishing


Stikit - Pads, discs, excellent for all types of wood, metal, paint, primer and fiberglass sanding, heavy duty cloth and paper backings, resin bonded for heat resistance