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3M Adhesives, Epoxy, Applicators, Lubricants and Adhesive Cleaners





   Scotch-Weld Acrylic Adhesive -  #805, 807, 825, 820 acrylic adhesives, 8010 plastic adhesive

   Scotch-Weld Acrylic Adhesive -  #805, 807, 810, 812, 820, 825, 920, 8010 two part epoxys for bonding oily metals, low surface energy plastics "LES", rubber

   Scotch-Weld Anaerobic Activator - california compliant, one-part surface activator for use with anaerobic adhesives.

   Scotch-Weld Bonding Films -  #583 heat or solvent activated dry film adhesive, 588 structural bonds with high internal strength

   Scotch-Weld Contact Adhesive -  #10 neoprene adhesive, 30H, 30NF fastbond water-dispersed, 2000NF water dispersed high solids

   Scotch-Weld Epoxy Adhesive -  #1838L, 2214 bonds metal, glass, plastic, 2216 aluminum filled, 2290, 3501, 3532 urethane adhesive, 3549 urethane adhesive DP100, DP105, DP110, DP125, DP190, DP405 low halogen , DP420, DP460

   Scotch-Weld Epoxy - adhesive 3501 is a rigid, two-part epoxy, 3535 urethane adhesive, 1838L low viscosity

   ScotchWeld Epoxy - adhesive 1838 is a rigid, two-part epoxy, 60 minute work life and handling strength in 8 hours

   Scotch-Weld Epoxy#2158, 3532 urethane adhesive, 3549 urethane adhesive, DP4207

   Scotch-Weld Epoxy Adhesive -  #DP100, DP105, DP110, DP125, DP190, DP405, DP420, DP460, 2214, 2216, 2290, 3590, DP4XLEG

   Scotch-Weld Epoxy Potting Compound -  #DP2707

   Scotch-Weld High Performance Contact Adhesive -  #1353 neoprene provides a long bonding range and initial strength

   Scotch-Weld Instant Adhesive - CA4 fastset, CA5 fastset, CA7 metals, CA8 metals, CA9 metals, CA40 rubbers, CA50 surface insensitive

   Scotch-Weld Insulation Adhesive

   Scotch-Weld Low Odor Acrylic Adhesive -  #DP8107

   Scotch-Weld Metal -  Medical Grade Adhesive

   Scotch-Weld Metal Primer

   Scotch-Weld Metal Sealer

   Scotch-Weld Plastic Adhesive -  #1099 nitrile plastic, 2262 plastic with plasticizer risistance, 8010 low surface energy plastics

   Scotch-Weld Rubber & Gasket Adhesive -  #847 nitrile, 1300 neoprene, 2141 brushable

   Scotch-Weld Solvent

   Scotch-Weld Spray Activator

   Scotch-Weld Structral Plastic Adhesive - #8005 low surface energy plastic bonder

   Scotch-Weld Structural Adhesive Films - #AF42, AF111, structural bonding of metals, high-strength plastic laminates, bonds metal to metal and metal, plastics to honeycomb sandwich assemblies

   Scotch-Weld Threadlocker - high and low torque removal thread lockers for nuts, bolts, screws

   Scotch-Weld Urethane Adhesive - polyurethane, urethane #DP601 self leveling, DP604, DP605, DP608, DP620, DP640, DP5001 thermosetting sealant



   Duramix - adhesives, damping material, fast adhesives, Can also be used to bond many dissimilar materials such as plastic, fiberglass and metal

   Scotchkote - rebar and pipe protection epoxy coatings that protect pipelines from underground and sea corrosion, used as a repair patch material, a girthweld coating, a stand alone coating for pipe rehabilitation, and in a wide variety of other field applications where corrosion protection of metal is required

   Scotch-Grip - industrial adhesives for bonding many fabrics, supported vinyls, wood, leather and most porous materials, sprayable, fast drying adhesive with good resistance to plasticizer migration, a fast drying, highly flexible very long tack range adhesive with good water resistance, Low soak-in on porous surfaces

   Scotch-Seal Polyurethane Sealants - # 540 is a one component, moisture curing products which form permanently elastic bonds

   Shipping-Mate - Palletizing, carton, this adhesive can permanently seal closure flaps on many corrugated shipping containers

   Weatherban - waterbased, paintable chaulk sealant, and synthetic rubber sealant in tape form that is thread reinforced for dimensional stability and die-cutting. Repositionable with virtually no cleanup


   Bulk Adhesives - gallons and drums, 77, 78, 90

   Concrete Repair Adhesives

   Conductive Film Adhesives - bond a flexible printed circuit to another flexible printed circuit or board.

   Contact Adhesives

   Cylinder Industrial Size Adhesives

   Epoxy - instant, quick set

   Epoxy Adhesives

   Fast Adhesives - FastBond, FoamFast, HoldFast, FastRepair, contact adhesive, FastBond construction mastic, FastCure hybrid sealants, FastSet concrete repair kit

   Fastbond Adhesives - adhesive is a water dispersed neoprene contact adhesive

   Foam Adhesives

   General Construction and Home Adhesives - concrete, glass, metal, wood, plastic, ceramic outdoors, vinyl, leather, wet surfaces, quick set epoxy, super spray 77 and 90 adhesives - this SEARCH is mixed with adhesive backed sanding products

   Glue - carpenter's wood, super glue gel and liquid

   High Temp, High Strength, Fast Tack, Hot Melt and Contact Adhesives - tubes, spray cans, 5 gallon and industrial cylinders

   Hot Melt Adhesive and Polyurethane Reactive Adhesives

   Hot Melt Stick Adhesives, Jet-Melt

   Hot Melt Thermoset, Polyurethane Reactive Adhesives

   Plastic Adhesives

   Polyurethane Construction Sealants and Sealant Adhesives

   Repositionable Spray 75 Adhesive

   Undercoating Rubber Spray, Auto - black protective coating that does not run when applied, provides anti corrosive protection, sound deadening and insulation to cars, trucks and recreational vehicles

   Screen Printable Adhesives

   Spray Can Aerosol Adhesives and Spray Cylinders Adhesives - CANS: #20 woodworking, 24 foam, fabric, 27 misting spray multi-use, 72 plastic, foam padding, carpet backing, polyethylene, polyproylene, 74 foam bonding, 76 one surface bonding, 77 paper, cardboard, foils, felt, 78 insulation foam, 90 hi-bond metal, wood, 92 laminating, 6111 & 6116  hot melt sprayable thermoplastic, Silicone spray - CYLINDERS: are industrial size containers with the same adhesives as the spray cans, industrial spray applicator and tips

   Spray Can Aerosol Adhesives - search2, #77 permanent foils, paper, cardboard, felt, #78 polystyrene, foam, #90 high strength laminates

   Spray Shipping Adhesives for Palletizing and Case Sealing

   Thermally Conductive Adhesives, Grease and Films - adhesives flow into micro-spaces for ultra thin bond line with low impedance

   Urethane Adhesives



   Applicator ips



   EPX - Scotch-Weld, EPX Applicators, Guns, Mixing Nozzles, plungers, for use with epoxy cartridges

   Hot Melt and Polygun, Applicators, Tips, Stands, Parts and Products


   Mixing Nozzles

   Polygun Mini Extension Tip

   Scotch-Weld Nozzles, Plungers and Tips - search 2


   Adhesive Remover

   Citrus Cleaners

   Cleaner C596

   Penetrant oil "5-Way"

   Polystyrene foam insulation



   Silicone Lubricant



   Scotch-Weld & Scotch-Grip Adhesives - misc

   Scotch-Weld Products - search1

   Scotch-Weld Products - search2

   Scotch-Weld Products - search3




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